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 Forum: Grafika   Temat: Would you like to enter extended demographics?

Wysłany: 17 Paź 2017, 10:53 

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Much of our research is conducted based on extended demographics that we collect on all respondents. Completing an additional section will greatly increase the chances of you being pulled up in our database for an upcoming project. Notify fieldwork if you must cancel with as much advance notice as p...

 Forum: PHP / SQL   Temat: SQL lite for c # need sdk

 Temat postu: SQL lite for c # need sdk
Wysłany: 17 Paź 2017, 10:52 

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Wyświetleń: 456

Hi, Doing a windows 8.1 project, and using or trying to use sql lite. but tried downloading the extension, need it for windows 8.1. on a project learning about windows 8.1 . got visual studio community 2015, using windows 10 64 bit pro, this is a 32 bit application. said it could not find the sql li...


Wysłany: 17 Paź 2017, 10:51 

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Wyświetleń: 469

I'm trying to use JavaScript to hide/show an expander panel based on the role of the current user. The problem has two parts. The first problem is grabbing the role information. I'm thinking there is a CURRENT_USER variable available (I can't remember where I've seen an example). If true, then I'm w...

 Forum: JavaScript   Temat: When was "The JavaScript Programming Language" talk recorded

Wysłany: 17 Paź 2017, 10:49 

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Wyświetleń: 322

When was Douglas Crockford's "The JavaScript Programming Language" talk recorded? I think it was around January 2007. I am not sure about the date, between 17 and 19? Can someone find out? I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: https://yuilibrary.com/f...hive/forum...

 Forum: Domeny   Temat: SERVER Adding Domain Controller

Wysłany: 16 Paź 2017, 07:19 

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Wyświetleń: 642

When I tried to add a domain controller. However when I run DFSDiag / TestDCs / DOMAIN: HOMELAB.COM I get an error error either the specified domain does not exist or could not be contacted. I have my DNS settings on the ethernet interface. Not sure what else to do .... A little help would go a long...

 Forum: Hosting/Strony WWW   Temat: Do not post long quotes from any website

Wysłany: 16 Paź 2017, 07:18 

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Wyświetleń: 417

Do not post any type of illegal content (Warez, piracy, cd keys / license numbers, etc) or ask about any such content. Posting illegal content will result in a 14 day ban. - NO WARNING Threatening members and effective illegal activity will result In a 14 day ban. - NO WARNING Marketplace abuse: 30 ...

 Forum: Hosting/Strony WWW   Temat: New Domain Name, Currrent Website Question

Wysłany: 16 Paź 2017, 07:17 

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Wyświetleń: 383

Hello, everyone! I have a quick question about domain names and SEO. I've had a website for a little over 6 years now. I've been doing my best to update it daily for the past year and a half or so with news articles, content, etc. I just recently came across a deal on a domain name that's similar, b...

 Forum: Hosting/Strony WWW   Temat: Owin Hosting StartOptions Access localhost without admin

Wysłany: 16 Paź 2017, 07:16 

Odpowiedzi: 0
Wyświetleń: 405

I have an application which hosts a local website with the Microsoft.Owin.StaticFiles namespace. form local computer works totally fine. Unfortunately when trying to connect with it shows me a "HTTP Error 503". I am aware that using a wildcard domain is possible to solve this issue but thi...

 Forum: Inne   Temat: Better claim your buy 4 TrackR, get 4 for FREE

Wysłany: 13 Paź 2017, 07:54 

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Wyświetleń: 352

Although we enforce strict ‘price accuracy’ policies with all partners who provide us with data and endeavour to ensure that the content displayed on our Platform is up todate and accurate, we cannot guarantee the reliability or accuracy of such content. In order being able to run this service we ea...

 Forum: Inne   Temat: How does the game of poker and being a billionaire

Wysłany: 13 Paź 2017, 07:54 

Odpowiedzi: 0
Wyświetleń: 329

The most powerful and wealthy people from centuries ago are still remembered. Some people see these individuals as inspiration to succeed in life, and others just want the scoop on how these rich individuals live. With money comes women, and these rich, successful men have picked the hottest women t...

 Forum: Inne   Temat: When I DO heat my dope up, I see the black gunk

Wysłany: 13 Paź 2017, 07:53 

Odpowiedzi: 0
Wyświetleń: 445

My question is... was that thread meant for ALL types of heroin or just the powdered kind. Because I have noticed this. When I Do NOT heat my dope (Black Tar Heroin) up and draw it through a cotton which is all I have at the moment (If anyone knows where I can locally buy a micron filter, please DO ...

 Forum: Inne   Temat: The Dirty Hit & Dirty Rush

Wysłany: 13 Paź 2017, 07:50 

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Wyświetleń: 477

This is a very concise and accurate description of what a 'dirty rush/hit' feels like. Symptoms often include rapid heart beat, rise in blood pressure, dizziness, strong and painful 'pins & needles' sensation in different parts of body (usually the face and extremities), a flushing sensation, fe...

 Forum: Statystyki   Temat: Tyranny PC game

 Temat postu: Tyranny PC game
Wysłany: 11 Paź 2017, 14:59 

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Wyświetleń: 558

Another awesome rpg coming from the paradox and obsidian the ppl that brought us pillars or eternity. I just happen to find out about this game a few days ago and man what a great timing since i just finished pillars of eternity's 2 dlcs. this looks fntastic and has the similar art style of pillars ...

 Forum: Statystyki   Temat: Battlefield beta

 Temat postu: Battlefield beta
Wysłany: 11 Paź 2017, 14:57 

Odpowiedzi: 0
Wyświetleń: 432

Downloaded the beta and decided I LOVE this game, No jet packs No super weapons, all just back to basics and fair play and iron sights, Having a lot of fun with this one and it SO reminds me of the original Battlefield but with the modern gaming engine. I didn't find the right solution from the inte...

 Forum: Statystyki   Temat: Where do you download Nintendo games for Dolphin?

Wysłany: 11 Paź 2017, 14:56 

Odpowiedzi: 0
Wyświetleń: 334

I'm having some trouble to find some classic games and I would like to know if there is a legit and trustable website where you can download games. So far I just got some trojans... I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: http://www.techist.com/forums/f15/gaming-277493/ Brand...
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